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About Us

Nimrod Africa Ltd. is the leading fire safety equipment and fire alarm systems provider in Kenya.


For more than 40 years, Nimrod has been designing, installing and maintaining fire equipment and fire alarm systems to protect its customers, employees, assets and premises.

The company is managed by a highly efficient team of professional admin staff and supported by qualified technicians with vast experience in fire protection. Nimrod has established itself as the trusted partner in fire safety with customers across multiple sectors including hospitality, oil & gas, banks & insurance, embassies, education, industrial & automotive, hospitals & medical facilities, construction, agriculture and marine.


Since its inception, Nimrod has provided its customers with exceptional service standards and the best quality fire safety equipment. Nimrod’s service proposition involves a licensed and branded vehicle fleet with fully trained and qualified technicians who carry out fire equipment services country- wide.

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Fires Extinguished

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