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Fire Accessories

We offer a wide range of certified fire extinguishers suitable for various applications. The most common ones are Water, Carbon Dioxide, Dry Powder, Foam, Wet Chemical and Clean Agent. We stock several sizes of portables and mobile trolley units.


All our extinguishers are Kitemarked and certified to BS EN3 regulations together with CE marking. Our units are OEM – i.e. manufactured especially for Nimrod and have squeeze grip operation with special spray nozzles, durable non-kink hoses and high quality pressure gauges.

Delivery Hose

These provide an extension to deliver pressurized water at high speed with flexibility. The strong construction of the hose ensures minimal ruptures and a long life usage for the delivery hose.

Delivery Hose.png
Fire Extinguisher Covers

Our fire extinguisher covers are perfect for the general protection of fire extinguishers.

This small fire extinguisher cover is specifically designed to fit our 2 kg and 2 litre models of fire extinguisher.

Key features:

  • For general protection of fire extinguishers

  • Vision panel for ease of gauge viewing

  • Hand loops for quick removal

  • Velcro fastening for tailored-fit

Fire Point Trolleys

Ideal for building sites, petrol station forecourts and factories our fire point trolleys provide highly visible and easily accessible mobile storage trolleys for fire-fighting equipment. Strong and durable our fire point trolleys have space available for signs and alarms/bells.

Key features:

  • Fabricated from strong tubular section mild steel with a red epoxy polyester powder coated finish

  • Polypropylene wheels with rubber compound thread

  • Suitable for up to 3 fire extinguishers

  • Large back plate with room to display signage, an alarm or a site or building zone plan

  • Supplied in easy to assemble 2-piece design, for easy transportation

Fire Point Trolley.PNG
Howler Alarm

Site Alert Howler alarm, a battery-operated site evacuation alarm. Reliable, simple and tough, the Site Alert is noisy at 100dB at 1 metre and has a high intensity LED red flashing beacon.

Key features:

  • Visual warning: High intensity LED red flashing beacon fitted as standard. Ideal for noisy areas

  • Noise: 100dB at 1 metre

  • Weatherproof: Push on/push off rocker switch operation

  • Battery-powered: 9v battery – easy to replace

  • Battery test: Built-in low battery warning

  • Linking: Up to 20 units can be linked using 2 core cable

  • Compact Dimensions: 60 × 160 × 75mm (H×WxD)

Howler Alarm.PNG
Howler Alarm - Slim.PNG
Break Glass Unit

Break glass units are used to raise the fire alarm manually when someone fractures the glass or plastic. They are situated at landings, corridors, exits, fire escapes or near high risk areas (such as kitchens).

Break Glass.png
Fire Bucket

Though traditional, the fire buckets are simple and ideal for remote areas, schools, lodges and farm houses where fire can be put out with sand readily available and stored in an easily distinguishable red coloured Fire Bucket.

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