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Pyrogen Fire Extinguishers

Pyrogen is a new class of fixed fire extinguishing system using solid propellant aerosol technology.


Unlike conventional fire extinguishing systems, Pyrogen is stored as a stable solid chemical compound which when activated generates a fire-fighting aerosol. The extinguishing medium however is not stored in a pressurised cylinder, it is produced in-situ only when required.

The aerosol is a mixture of gases and micron-sized solids, possessing gas-like distribution properties and long holding times. It totally floods the protected enclosure and rapidly extinguishes any fire present.


Pyrogen can be used to protect in two ways – total flooding system and direct to the source system.

(i) Pyrogen Total Flooding Systems are developed for the protection of sealed enclosures such as cargo compartments, data rooms, generator rooms, laboratories, electrical substations, telecommunication cabins and machinery spaces.


(ii) Pyrogen Direct To Source fire protection system is specifically developed for targeting/extinguishing fire at its source. It can be used for computer server racks, electrical control cabinets, engine compartments, machinery compartments, metering panels, mining and earthmoving equipment and distribution boards.

Key Features:

  • Compact and weight saving

  • Zero pressure storage

  • No mechanical moving parts

  • No pipework or manifold

  • 100% environmentally friendly

  • Suitable for Class A, B, C, D, F and K fires including electrical fires

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