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Fire Alarm Systems

Addressable Panels

The BSR-2100 is a 2 or 4 loop addressable fire detection panel with expansion capabilities that can upgrade the panel to 8 loops. For compliance with LPCB approval, the maximum number of loops connected must not exceed 4. The panel is designed and constructed according to EN54-2 and EN54-4 regulations. Each loop can accept up to 150 total points, which can be input units (detectors, call points), output units and line isolators.


For compliance with LPCB approval, the maximum number of detectors and manual call points connected to a panel must not exceed 512.


All units that are connected to the loop are referenced and displayed on the LCD panel. Each point has a specific address ranging from 1 to 150 in each loop. Each loop can accept various types of points. The panel has 96 zones and is suitable for larger installations as malls, shopping centers, hotels and factories.


It offers an extensive selection of settings and options for controlling the equipment and sirens of the installation which can be easily be modified using PC based software. The panels programming can also be done using a PC.

Addressable Panel.PNG
Conventional Panels

The family of 3 panels (8, 12 and 16 zones) with identical controls and indications. They have 2 outputs for sirens, an alarm relay, a fault relay and a programmable auxiliary relay. This requires two A-986 (12V / 7Ah) batteries; alternatively, two A-961 (12v / 9Ah) batteries can be used together for greater autonomy.


All functions and indications are according to European standards EN 54-2 and EN 54-4. The panels offer up to 16 zones and are suitable for large installation such as shopping malls, hotels and factories.


They offer a wide range of settings and characteristics for controlling the installation equipment and sirens which can be easily adjusted using a PC with an Ethernet connection.

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